Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A trip to the doctor's

Ben has had a bit of a cold for the last 3 days or so. Well this morning when he woke up, his cough seemed worse than it has been. He also had some gunk in his eyes and they looked pinkish. Jason and I thought he might have conjunctivitis and we were also worried about his cough. Jason is going to Portland today for an interview so we decided that I would stay home with Ben today. I love staying home with Ben but it kind of stank because I was supposed to go on a field trip with my class. My class is going to Fort Western in Augusta. This is off the subject but if you have never gone there you should. They do a great reenactment of colonial times and the kids have a great time. I'm sad that I missed it but at least I get to spend some time with my little man. So I brought him to the doctor's this morning. It turns out that he has bronchialitis. If you don't know what that is, here's a website that does a great job of explaining it.


They used a nebulizer on him at the doctor's to get all the mucus out of his lungs. We have to use it every 4-6 hours for the next 3 days. We go back to the doctor's on Friday to see if it's better. The doctor couldn't tell if he has conjunctivitis or not but we're using some ointment just in case. It's so awful seeing your child sick. I hate it! He's in such a good mood for someone who is sick. He was smiling at everyone at the doctor's and laughing. It's absolutely amazing! :)

I used the nebulizer on him last night and Sue took some pictures of the poor little pumpkin.

Saturday night, Ben went with my mom and sister to a harvest party at my cousin, Stacy's church. Ben dressed up as a scarecrow. They had a lot of fun visiting with everyone.

Jason and I went to our own Halloween party with our friends, Tom and Melissa. Jason dressed up as a monk. I dressed up as a tired mommy. :) It wasn't a far stretch! I took an old t-shirt and put some baby food on it. Then I melted some chocolate chips and put them on the shirt to make it look like poop. I also put on a baby carrier with a doll in it. The party was a lot of fun and it was nice to have a night without the baby.

Jason and meTom and Melissa

Sunday was Ben's Halloween party for daycare. He dressed up in his scarecrow costume. It was cold so we put a sweatshirt under it to keep him toasty. We got to see all of his friends. They all kept coming up to give him loves.

I'm hoping Ben will feel better in the next couple days with the help of the nebulizer. We'll let you know!

Friday, October 26, 2007

What a big boy!

My mom and I took Ben for his 6 month check up on Monday. He now weighs 18lbs 14oz and is 26 1/2 inches long. The doctor said that he is in the 50th percentile for his height, 80th for his weight and 95th for his head! The head one struck me as funny because he doesn't seem like he has a big head. Oh well. He also got three shots. He didn't cry when they did the first two but then the third one seemed to push him over the edge. I hate when he gets shots! I know it keeps him healthy but it's still tough to watch. The funny thing about Ben is 5 minutes later he'll be smiling and laughing and you would never know he had shots! He always flirts with the receptionist when we leave. He is a funny boy!

Ben has started to eat food at daycare. He is a messy eater even at daycare! We are going to a Halloween party on Sunday for his daycare. It'll be fun seeing all the kids dressed up in their costumes. Wait to see what Ben's costume will be!

Ben turned 28 weeks on Wednesday. He didn't want to stay still. After we took his picture, he went after the paper with the number of weeks on it and started to try to eat it. He likes to go after anything paper like these days. He also likes the remote and phones. Typical man going after the remote! :)

I love making Ben laugh. It is the best feeling in the world! Here is a video I took of Jason making Ben laugh.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Playdate!

We had a play date on Wednesday with my friend Morgan and her son Nolan. Nolan is 9 1/2 months old. He was born 6 weeks premature but you would never know it now. It was so funny watching them together. Nolan really likes to scream and Ben really likes to talk so they were a good pair. Ben was particularly funny when Jason was holding Nolan. He realized his daddy was holding another baby and he was not happy! He started to make all kinds of noises and reaching towards Jason. It was so funny!

Ben turned 27 weeks on Wednesday. He was so tired that day after his play date. We started taking his 27 week pictures while he was sleeping. Then he started to wake up and be grumpy. Here are his pictures.

We stopped at Jason's parents' house yesterday to visit. We put Ben on the rocking horse that they bought Ben last Christmas. It's still way too big for him but it's really cute. When you press the horse's ear, it makes galloping sounds and the tail and nose moves.

Ben goes for his 6 month appointment. I'm curious to see what he weighs but I'm not looking forward to him getting his shots. It's never a fun experience!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Toes, toes, toes!

So Ben has discovered his toes! He loves playing with them and putting them in his mouth! i know, it's gross but it's so cute watching him! We took video of him putting his toes in his mouth. If you listen, you can even hear him sucking on his big toe like a nuk! It's so gross but so hilarious and he loves it! Once he saw the camera he started reaching for it and rolling toward Mommy. Then he moved his attention to the ball in the corner. He's a man on the move!

We took some pictures of Ben near our pumpkin. He looked much cuter in real life but I love the pictures anyway. We bought the onesie at the Fryeburg Fair. I love the tie dye!

Ben rolls all over the place now. I was working on my room one day and set him on the carpet. He rolled from one side of the room to the other. Then he made his way to a pile of clothes I had on the floor. He is such a funny guy!

Last but not least here are his 26 week pictures. My little baby is turning into a little boy! It's happened so quickly!