Friday, September 28, 2007

Pruney Ben!

Ben turned 24 weeks on Wednesday. He keeps trying to move around so much. I know he can't wait to crawl.

Mom and Sue moved in on Thursday. Everyone did a lot of work to get them in. Ben was so excited to see his Grammy and Auntie early this morning. It was such a surprise for him!

I gave Ben prunes for the very first time last night. I know. What was I thinking? At first he made the most awful face and I didn't think he was going to eat them at all. But then he dived right in! :) He kept trying to grab the spoon and feed himself. Every time he let go of the spoon, he would touch his face or his leg or some other body part. He kept getting progressively messier and messier! It was awful but so funny!

Mom and Sue bought Ben a Rainforest Jumperoo. Sue put it together tonight and Ben tried it out. He was so funny bouncing around it. He loves to move!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Ben's Pictures

Ben and mommy hanging out

Here are Ben's 23 week pictures.

We took Ben on Sunday to Kiddie Kandids to have his pictures done. They did a great job! I will definately go back.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I've been tagged

Sorry it's been so long. I finally have my laptop back so I'm going to be able to keep up with the blog better, I hope. I was tagged by my cousin, Stacy, so I'm going to start with that. I'm supposed to come up with 8 interesting facts so here they are.

1. When I was a little girl, I loved Cinderella. I loved the movie and the book and everything about Cinderella. I loved it so much I used to call myself Cinderella Jo-Jo.

2. At 13 months and 18 months, I stopped breathing due to a seizure caused by a high fever. The first time it happened my mom was holding me. The second time it happened I was with my Aunt Jeanne. Both times I was rushed to the hospital. My mom tells me that the second time they went to the hospital with me, she refused to leave until they told her what was wrong with me.

3. I was so homesick when I went to college for the first time that I decided to try to drive home on my first weekend there. I thought that I93 north would take me to Maine. I ended up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and then proceeded to get stranded there when my clutch on my car burned out. My mom received a call from the New Hampshire state police and had to come get me at 3 in the morning.

4. I have such small, bad veins that the only time I tried to give blood I was turned away. I was told to come back when I grew veins.

5. I love cooking shows. I don't know what it is about them. I love watching all the food that they prepare on the shows. I never make any of them and I really don't like to cook but I love watching them and thinking about how the food would taste. :)

6. Near my 22nd birthday, I decided to go to the dealership and trade in my perfectly good automatic Cavalier for a new car. I got talked into a shiny red car that I loved but that was a standard. I hadn't had a standard since burning out the clutch on my very first car and really didn't know how to drive a standard still. I left that day with a car that I couldn't drive. I don't think my mom has ever been so mad at me as she was that day.

7. My husband and I worked on our house together while I was pregnant with Ben. I ran wire, cleaned, hung electrical boxes and god only knows what else. I worked on the house with Jason until right before I had Ben. There were many times when I had moments of hatred for this house because of all the work we had to put into it. But now I'm grateful we did so much work for it and love my house.

8. I would love to have a big family. I love doing family get together types of things and would love to have a bunch of kids. Jason jokes that he would like a baseball team of kids. I'll stop at 4 and that will be enough for me. I love being a mother and hope that I have the opportunity to be a mom to at least 3 more kids.

I love being a mom to my little boy. I never realized how amazing it would be to have a little boy. I always imagined my first child being a girl. I'm so glad that I had a boy and wouldn't trade him for anything. He continues to amaze me with how he grows and changes.

We watched the Toy Run last Sunday. We go every year and watch it. Motorcycle riders ride with toys to Augusta for needy kids. We love seeing the bikes and wouln't miss it. It was a little noisy for Ben and I had to cover his ears. I couldn't believe that he fell asleep during it even with all that noise.

After the Toy Run, we went to an annual family picnic that is held after the Toy Run every year. The Bauers are long time family friends of Jason's family. There is always a lot of food and is nice to visit with everyone. It poured during the picnic. That part was awful. We tried to keep cozy with blankets so it wasn't too bad but I couldn't believe how much it rained.

Here are Ben's 22 week pictures.

I have a friend who's mother made Ben a beautiful sweater with mittens and booties before he was born. It's just become cool enough for Ben to wear them and I took a couple of pictures of him in it. He looks so cute!

My sister bought Ben an orange pumpkin hat a long time ago. I put it on him today and his eyes look so blue in it!

I promise to update sooner this week! I will get better at this! :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

We survived!

So we survived our first week of going back to work and daycare. It went better than I thought it would although I missed my boy like crazy! I love working with my kids at school but I wish I could spend all day with Ben too.

My mom and my sister bought Ben an excersaucer to play with. He loves it! He moves himself all around to play with all the different toys. He loves hearing the animal sounds. It's so fun to watch him.

Ben turned 20 weeks last Wednesday. He is such a character now!

Create Your Own

Ben tried sweet potatoes for the first time on Sunday. Surprisingly, he didn't like them as much as he liked the peas! He made all kinds of funny faces but he still at them.

Create Your Own
My friend, Julie, dropped off some clothes for Ben today. Her son, Matthew, will be a year in October so Ben will have a little friend in the future. The clothes were so cute! We played dressup and here are some pictures of Ben.

It looks like I'll get my laptop back by the end of this week so hopefully I can be better at updating. I'm trying and I hope that people are enjoying hearing about Ben.