Friday, September 28, 2007

Pruney Ben!

Ben turned 24 weeks on Wednesday. He keeps trying to move around so much. I know he can't wait to crawl.

Mom and Sue moved in on Thursday. Everyone did a lot of work to get them in. Ben was so excited to see his Grammy and Auntie early this morning. It was such a surprise for him!

I gave Ben prunes for the very first time last night. I know. What was I thinking? At first he made the most awful face and I didn't think he was going to eat them at all. But then he dived right in! :) He kept trying to grab the spoon and feed himself. Every time he let go of the spoon, he would touch his face or his leg or some other body part. He kept getting progressively messier and messier! It was awful but so funny!

Mom and Sue bought Ben a Rainforest Jumperoo. Sue put it together tonight and Ben tried it out. He was so funny bouncing around it. He loves to move!


Doug & Stacy Fournier said...

LOVE the prune pics! those are priceless! he sure looks like he enjoyed himself! my girls absolutely LOVED their jumparoo and it looks like ben will love his just as much! he looks so much more grown up! before you know it, he will be crawling!

Proud Grandparents said...

Ben sure is enjoying himself. He will enjoy having all the extra loving that he will get with Grammie and Auntie there. I may get to do that when and if Sarah, John and Grayson move back home. That would be great to make up for all the lost time with him. Watch out when they start crawling, walking is just around the corner:)! Also It will be fun to introduce Ben and Grayson, someday they will be playing buddies!

A- Truckers- Wife said...

gotta love that prune face!!!Glad your mom and sue got moved in ok. It's gonna be nice for Ben to have his grammy and Auntie Sue right there all the time. Bet there will be a lot of spoiling going on there! :)