Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Yet another snow day and Book Meme

So we had yet another snow day today. I am SO tired of snow days! This is our 9th one so far. We won't be getting out of school until June 19th and it's not even the end of February yet! Today was the worse for snow days so far. I was almost ready to leave and almost ready to pack Ben up. My daycare lady called and said that another one of her parents works at the high school and had been told that they were canceling school. They canceled so late that they had to send kids home. This was at 7:15 and I hadn't received a phone call from our calling tree. So I had to try to call people to make sure that this was actually true. Called our school secretary and she hadn't heard anything and I couldn't get a hold of our principal. So I decided that I had to go since I didn't know for sure that there wasn't school and I had a parent meeting at 8am. I get to my daycare and they came out of the door and said "There's no school." I was getting emotional and not knowing what to do. I brought Ben in and told them that I couldn't find out anything. I decided to just go to school and come back if it had been canceled.

I headed off to school. I got a bad feeling when I saw a lot of cars coming from the other direction. At that time in the morning, they are usually headed the way I was going. I got to my school, started taking out my bags when my principal pulled in. She told me that there wasn't any school and that she couldn't believe it either. I was so mad! There was no announcement on the t.v. before I left or on the radio. Poor planning on someone's part!

I went back and got Ben and then the day just got worse. It took me 45 minutes to go from my school to home and usually it takes me 15 minutes. I tried to get up the hill before our house and couldn't. I backed up which ended up making my car turn around and I ended up in a snow bank. That's scary enough when it's just you but when you have a baby in the car it's 10 times worse. A friend stopped to help me and I got my car back on the road. I headed in another direction to get home. It was so slippery at that point. Luckily, Ben fell asleep so I didn't have to worry about him crying. There were a couple of cars off the road and it was slow going.

The other way I went there was one more hill to go up. Wouldn't you know that there was a bus stuck on the hill? Do ya think they should have called school off earlier?? I do!! I managed to get up the hill but barely. I was burning rubber trying to get up and not hit the bus at the same time. I was so glad when I got home and so furious with our school district. I know other teachers who travel more than 30 minutes and were already on their way to school. It was just really bad planning.

All right onto a happier topic. My cousin, Linda, did a fun little book meme thing. So I thought I would do it. I'm in a silly mood now. Must be lack of sleep!
This is from Eat, Pray, Love by Elizbeth Gilbert.

" Our whole business therefore in this life," wrote Saint Augustine, rather Yogically, "is to restore to health the eye of the heart whereby God may be seen."

I just thougt this was such a nice quote and a reflection of how we can grow mentally and spiritually.

I'll post Ben's 43 weeks pictures tomorrow. It's gone by so fast!!

Photobucket Survey

I thought that this would be fun and it was!

1. Your Age

2. A place you would like to travel to

3. My favorite place: Home
Home is where the heart is

4. My favorite food

5. Your favorite animal
chocolate lab

6. Favorite color

7. Where I was born: Lewiston
Sepia version of St. Peter\'s and Pauls Basilica, Lewiston, Maine

8. The town in which I live

9. The name of your pets
jack jack

10. Your nickname

11. Your middle name

12. Your last name

13. Bad Habit of Yours
stop worrying

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I am so excited! I won the contest over at MamaBlogga for the "Me Time" piece I wrote. Now granted the winner was picked at random so it wasn't because of my fabulous writing :) but I won a $30 gift card! Things have been so tight money wise so I am really excited about the idea of being able to spend $30 on myself. I love reading what other people have written and other blogs. If you do too, check out the other entries from the writing contest.

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Ben and I had another snow day together. At this rate, I'll be going to school until July! It was nice though to have today. Ben has come down with a cough and it has kept him (and me!) up for the past 2 nights. He has just been miserable during the night, the poor little guy. I'm hoping that tonight is better for his cough. If not, I'm going to take him to the doctor's. But today gave us some time to relax and catch up on things. It was just a nice day. But I'm still praying for no more snow days! :)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

What I've Learned

My little boy is now 9 months old. Did you notice I said boy, not baby? He no longer seems like a baby. He looks and plays like a little boy. It is amazing to me that this 21 pound little boy is the same 6 pounds 3 ounces baby I held in my arms on the day he was born. He has grown so quickly and I've learned so many things as a mom. Here are just a few of the things that I have learned as a mom.

* Your heart has a capacity to love such as you have never known.

* You will start to worry about what school they will go to even though they have 5 more years to go until they enter kindergarten.

* Poop stains. Enough said.

* Remotes and phones make great toys or at least that's what baby will think.

* They say the fastest animal on the earth is a cheetah. Yeah, right! The fastest animal is a baby who is going after something they want!

* Cheerios can somehow make it into a baby's diaper and you will never figure out how they made their way there.

* At first you are excited about the teeth they are getting in. Then you remember that you are still nursing. Do you see where I'm going with this?

* Baby food stains are AWFUL to get out. How can this be? They're just vegatables and fruits!!

* If you have something, the baby wants it.

* No matter how tired, irritated, or grumpy you are, when you look at his face, your heart will melt and you will fall in love all over again.

* Seeing your husband with his son makes you love him all over again and appreciate him in a new light.

* It is amazing how fast a cat will run when a baby boy is going after him.

* Rice cereal tastes really awful.

* Poop can shoot out at you at amazing speeds!

* If your baby is a boy, eventually they will pee on themselves, you or on the family cat!

* A baby passing gas is much louder than you could imagine.

* Wet kisses are one of the best treats ever!

* Anything that can be put in a baby's mouth, will be put in a baby's mouth!

* The baby will be in their winter jacket, strapped into the car seat and you are ready to leave the house to go to work. Then you will smell that smell that tells you what the smile on his face was really all about!

* Grammies and Aunties are around to save your sanity!

* You will worry over sniffles, coughs and anything else you don't think is normal.

* Leaving the baby for the first time is brutal!

* Toys have the ability to multiply and take over your house!

* Burp clothes are a neccesity!!

* Seeing your baby crawl for the first time is one of the most exciting times.

* Eventually your excitement over the crawling turns to regret as you realize that the baby can now get into almost everything!

* The baby will leak out of his diaper at the worst possible time imaginable.

* One of the best sounds in the world is that of your baby's laughter.

* You will never be able to imagine your life without them and that is a good thing.

I still have a lot to learn but those are just a few that I've learned so far. We took Ben to Kiddie Kandids to have his 9 month pictures taken. I think they came out really great. Hope you like them.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Me Time!

In the last 6 months, I have discovered a love of reading other blogs. I have found so many great tips and advice through doing this. One thing that I thought sounded fun was a writing contest over on MamaBlogga group writing project The writing contest this time is "Me Time!" So here goes my first try at a writing contest.

"Me time" has taken on a whole new meaning since I became a mom. My "me time" occurs after my 9 month son has gone to bed. After he is nursed and rocked, he finally surrendors to sleep and it's mommy's time. "Me time" before motherhood would have been me reading a book without interruption. These days it is not so simple! Here is what my "me time" looks like now. The baby has gone to bed. He's sleeping on my bed right next to me as I play on the computer. I look at one blog and then another. Oh, no. My heart stops. The baby is starting to stir!! May day! May day! Houston, we have a problem. Me time has been interuppted! Quickly I put my hand on his back to quiet him. Phew!! Disaster averted! My heart slows down and I go back to relaxing. Do some research on the internet on such important topics as "How to get poop stains out of baby clothes" and "Do solids really make poop look like THAT?!?" Then the baby starts to stir again. The hand goes back on his back but this time to no avail. We're sorry to interupt your regularly scheduled me time due to an important nursing conference. Please be patient until we are back on schedule. That's right. My son, the comfort nurser, will not be appeased with a hand on the back and a shh, shh, shh. He wants to nurse. We nurse for a little while and then down he goes again. "Sigh. It's just you and me again." The me being me and the you being my laptop. There is silence once more other than the pitter patter of the keyboard. And so our night goes on like this. Mommy me time, baby time, mommy me time, baby time. Finally, Mommy's eyes can no longer stay open for the me time without propping them up with toothpicks or hooking some Dunkin' Donuts coffee through an I.V. I finally cave into sleep and look forward to my next brief and interrupted "me time."

*About the author-This "me time" piece was written by a first time mommy who is at this moment having a hard time keeping her eyes open during an actual "me time." She wouldn't trade her interuppted "me time" which includes snuggling with her little man for all the uninteruppted me time in the world.

Hope you enjoyed my silly little writing. I had fun doing it and hope to do it again.