Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Yet another snow day and Book Meme

So we had yet another snow day today. I am SO tired of snow days! This is our 9th one so far. We won't be getting out of school until June 19th and it's not even the end of February yet! Today was the worse for snow days so far. I was almost ready to leave and almost ready to pack Ben up. My daycare lady called and said that another one of her parents works at the high school and had been told that they were canceling school. They canceled so late that they had to send kids home. This was at 7:15 and I hadn't received a phone call from our calling tree. So I had to try to call people to make sure that this was actually true. Called our school secretary and she hadn't heard anything and I couldn't get a hold of our principal. So I decided that I had to go since I didn't know for sure that there wasn't school and I had a parent meeting at 8am. I get to my daycare and they came out of the door and said "There's no school." I was getting emotional and not knowing what to do. I brought Ben in and told them that I couldn't find out anything. I decided to just go to school and come back if it had been canceled.

I headed off to school. I got a bad feeling when I saw a lot of cars coming from the other direction. At that time in the morning, they are usually headed the way I was going. I got to my school, started taking out my bags when my principal pulled in. She told me that there wasn't any school and that she couldn't believe it either. I was so mad! There was no announcement on the t.v. before I left or on the radio. Poor planning on someone's part!

I went back and got Ben and then the day just got worse. It took me 45 minutes to go from my school to home and usually it takes me 15 minutes. I tried to get up the hill before our house and couldn't. I backed up which ended up making my car turn around and I ended up in a snow bank. That's scary enough when it's just you but when you have a baby in the car it's 10 times worse. A friend stopped to help me and I got my car back on the road. I headed in another direction to get home. It was so slippery at that point. Luckily, Ben fell asleep so I didn't have to worry about him crying. There were a couple of cars off the road and it was slow going.

The other way I went there was one more hill to go up. Wouldn't you know that there was a bus stuck on the hill? Do ya think they should have called school off earlier?? I do!! I managed to get up the hill but barely. I was burning rubber trying to get up and not hit the bus at the same time. I was so glad when I got home and so furious with our school district. I know other teachers who travel more than 30 minutes and were already on their way to school. It was just really bad planning.

All right onto a happier topic. My cousin, Linda, did a fun little book meme thing. So I thought I would do it. I'm in a silly mood now. Must be lack of sleep!
This is from Eat, Pray, Love by Elizbeth Gilbert.

" Our whole business therefore in this life," wrote Saint Augustine, rather Yogically, "is to restore to health the eye of the heart whereby God may be seen."

I just thougt this was such a nice quote and a reflection of how we can grow mentally and spiritually.

I'll post Ben's 43 weeks pictures tomorrow. It's gone by so fast!!


A- Truckers- Wife said...

Unreal about the school thing. Scarey!! Sounds like you had a VERY stressful morning!! They really should plan better. I know of other towns with the same issues today. Friends with kids in those towns had to go to work with no clue if there was school or not. Glad everything owrked out for you.
Love the Book Meme. Sounds like it could be a good book. :)

Doug & Stacy Fournier said...

Wow, sounds like you had an interesting day! I can't beleive they waited so long to call off school. There were alot of schools that waited till the last minute. I would think it would be more dangerous to send everbody back home then to just let them stay at school. I'm glad you finally got home safely though. We'll see you guys tomorrow!

Doug & Stacy Fournier said...

hey, when are you going to update? especially since you have big news to share!!! i just talked to theresa today, i can't beleive i didn't know. anyway, congrats!! i'll talk to you later.