Saturday, November 24, 2007

Black Friday Fun!

Well, Black Friday was a mixture of ups and downs. I love going shopping on Black Friday. Sue and I always get a lot of good deals and have a lot of fun. We got up at 3:30 this year to go to Kohl's. We were supposed to get up at 3:15 so that Mom could ride in with us since she had to be at work for 3:45 but we both overslept. So we threw clothes on and headed off in the dark for Kohls. We got there a couple of minutes after they opened. We immediately headed for the toy section. We got the Little People's Noah's Ark that Mom wanted to get for Ben. Sue got this Fisher Price animal set that plays music for Ben for Christmas. I also got something there for Mom but since she reads my blog, I can't say what it is! :)~ Checking out at Kohl's was actually pretty quick. They did a nice job of directing people. We were out of Kohl's at 4:20 and headed to Walmart.

When we went to Walmart, it was about 4:30 so we had to wait outside for 30 minutes. It was a little cold but not too bad. We had fun talking to the other people in line. When we were finally able to go in, it was a mad rush. I went one direction and Sue went in the other. I was looking for Spiderman 3 and Fantastic Four which were advertised as the secret deals for $12. I couldn't find them anywhere! It was so frustrating! I must have asked 4 or 5 people. Either they sold out or they were in a place no one seemed to know about. In the end, we got a dvd for $3, a HUGE bag of megablock for $10, a set of 2 pajamas for $6 and 2 dvds for $10. We had fun but we were so frustrated about the $12 dvds! I really wasn't impressed!

We finished at Walmart at about 5:30 and went over to JC Penney's. They had these picture coasters for $6 that I wanted. You can put a picture in them which I think is really cool. After that we went to Bath and Body Works. No great deals there which was a really big surprise. Usually they have a lot of great stuff. Big disappointment there.

After that I dropped Sue off at work. I wanted to check out CVS but they weren't open yet so I headed back over to Kohls to see if I could find something for Sue. I found what I wanted then headed to stand in the line which was MUCH longer than it had been there when we were there last. I started to talk to Sue on my cell phone. This was when my day started to take a turn for the worse. Sue was interested in the Little People's Circus set so I told her I would go back and get it for her. While I headed back there, I ran into my cousin, Mary and her daughter. I told Sue I would call her back and stuck my cell in my pocket. I talked to them for a minute and then got the toy. I went back in the line and then went to call Sue. My cell phone was gone! I looked everywhere-in all my pockets, in my pocketbook. I mean everywhere!
So I started thinking that maybe it was in a toy that I had given my cousins because they were interested in it and my mom had already bought it for Ben. I thought maybe somehow it had gotten in the box. So I looked all over the store for them. I finally found them and the cell wasn't in the box. I was in tears! I was so upset knowing that we didn't have money to replace my cell phone. I know it's more of a need than a want but it's nice to have it if something goes wrong. I looked all over in the areas I had been. I stood back in line to pay for my stuff. When I got to the front of the line, I asked the lady directing people where someone would turn in a phone if they found one. She said customer service and called back there for me. Luckily someone nice soul had found it and turned it in. I was so relieved! I went back there to get it and got out of there before anything else happened!

I then went to CVS to get these digital photo chains that had been advertised for $17.99. They display your photos so you can show cute kids like Ben off. :) When I got there, they didn't have any left. I asked them to call the Lewiston store for me which they did. Lewiston had 2 left. I needed 4. I asked them to hold them for me since I wasn't going to be right over. They said they wouldn't since they were in such demand and they were also going to be limiting it to one a person which was ridiculous since the flyer said the limit was 4. I was so mad! I rushed over there and the two were still there. I figured I would try to buy both of them and the cashier didn't give me a hard time. But I still needed two more. So I called Sue and had her call to different CVS stores around the store. She found one in South Portland that had a lot of them and asked them to hold them for me. They were wonderful! They said no problem. So I went home, got Ben and headed down there. Of course I got lost since it was an area of South Portland that I didn't know. It was awful. It took me forever to get there but I finally did and got the things I needed.

Ben and I then headed towards Toys R Us. I wanted to get him the Baby Einstein Santa which was on sale for 6.99. I found the last one. Yeah for me! We were in and out of there in 5 minutes.

Then we went to the Christmas Tree Shop. I love the Christmas tree shop. I found a present for mom and some other stuff for Christmas and then we finally headed home.
It was a long day and mostly a good day. A little frustrating but I still love getting all the deals and going out.

On another note, my new passion has been cutting coupons. Jason lost his job about a month ago so we have been all about saving money where ever we can. I have found some great sites for ideas about coupons and deals like
Being Frugal,Freebies for mom and the grocery game. It's helped us save a lot of money. Sue and I went to Shaws last night. My original total was 38.45. With coupons and sales, I only ended up spending $10. We are stocked up on pasta and cheerios for a long time! It is so much fun finding these deals. If we've got to scrimp, we might as well make it fun, right? :)Sorry there were no pictures of Ben this time but Momma had too much fun yesterday and even Moms need days off! :) We're on our way to a family get together so I'll say goodbye for now.