Monday, July 9, 2007

On our own!

So Jason and I ventured out on our own minus Ben today. We went to see the movie Transformers and Ben stayed with his grammy (my mom). This is only the second time that I've been out without Ben and it was tough! But it was good for me and Jason to have some time to ourselves and the movie was really good. Here are some pictures that we took of Ben today. The first is Ben in his very first Harley Davidson t-shirt that was bought for him by his Aunt Dar.

The next picture was also taken today because Ben rarley goes through a day without having to change outfits due to spit up, poop and other occurences! :) This outfit was the first baby gift we received for Ben when we were pregnant. It was given by my friend Morgan and the message on the shirt "I was worth the wait" is definately true!

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Doug & Stacy Fournier said...

wow, a day alone. i don't think i've had one of those in over 2 i love the pictures, they are adorable!!!