Sunday, July 29, 2007


I realized last night that I forgot to post some pictures that I took last Tuesday of Ben on his boppy pillow. He really likes playing with the toys. He started grabbing one of the toys and pulling it over to his mouth to gnaw on it! It was so funny and now he does it everytime he plays on the boppy.

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Ben's grandma and grandpa(Jason's mom and dad) came to visit yesterday at the house. Ben was having a good time seeing them and playing with them.

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I took some more pictures of Ben in his Bumbo seat. He just looks so cute in it! He was playing with Daddy while he was sitting in it. Then him and Daddy just cuddled on the couch together. I'm so proud of my handsome men!

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We went to a barbecue today for Jordan who is the son of Kelly, a long time family friend of Jason's family. It was a lot of fun to see all of them because it's been a long time since we've seen them. Jordan is going off to college in the fall. We would have liked to stay longer but it was way too hot for Ben. The poor little guy was sweating a lot! I realized what a small community we live in now. I went to the party thinking I was only going to know Kelly and Jason's parents. I saw at least 5 people there that I knew from teaching at my school. I really wish it hadn't been so hot so we could have stayed longer. We did get to see Kelly's sister, Gretchen, while we were there. Gretchen is going to be taking care of Ben when I go back to work. Like Kelly, Gretchen has been a long time friend of Jason and they grew up together. Her house is just around the corner from us and I feel confident that Ben will do great there. Jason's mom tells me that Gretchen has loved babies since she was a little girl so I know Ben will be greatly loved! Gretchen just told us that she is pregnant with her fourth child. She's due in February and I'm so excited for her! She has 3 little girls now and it will be really exciting to see what this one will be.

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Finally, I'm going to be working tomorrow and Tuesday at the school. Tomorrow will be my first day apart from Ben. My mom and Jason are going to take care of Ben. I know he will be ok but it's me I'm worried about! :) I guess it will be good for me and Ben but it's just going to take some getting used to.


Doug & Stacy Fournier said...

love all the pictures! ben sure doesn't lack attention, huh? i can't beleive school is starting again so soon. i know you will enjoy going back, but i'm sure leaving ben for the frist day is going to be difficult. i'm glad you were able to find someone close to take care of him! i hope you enjoy the rest of the summer with your little man!

Joan said...

of course Grammy loves seeing all the pics of Ben. He is a very special little man along with his mommy.

J & S Bernard + One said...

ben is such a beautiful baby. seeing him in all those picture with his family makes me a little sad that our baby wont be around family as much as i would like