Saturday, July 28, 2007

15 weeks and still growing!

Ben turned 15 weeks on Wednesday. I can hardly believe how quickly the time has gone by. Here are our 15 weeks pictures.

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We had a play date with my friend Sara and her little girl, Piper. Sara is the teacher that I co teach with. She's due with her second baby in November and is having a little boy. Piper is two years old now and so cute. She keeps finding her old nuks and tries to give them to her baby brother through Sara's belly button! I'm sorry I don't have any pictures but you'll just have to take my word on how cute Piper is! :)

We had a play date yesterday with our friends' little girl, Abby Violet. Abby is 4 weeks old and about 7 pounds. Ben looks so big compared to her. It's hard to remember when he was that small. I know my memory is only going to get worse as he gets bigger!

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So for the most part everyone that I've run into when Ben and I are out and about have said really nice comments and been really sweet. The other day we were walking into Best Buy to look for a cord for our camcorder. I was carrying Ben in his car seat. These two older women were walking a couple of steps behind us. One of the women said to the other one, "Quick. You trip her and I'll take the baby." I know she was probably joking but I was horrified and very angry. No one should say stuff like that even in a joking manner in this day and age. I was so angry! On top of that, she made a comment that I was holding him wrong which I didn't get because there was nothing wrong with the way I was holding my son. I really wish I had said something to them but it's not my personality to do that. I was really angry with myself for not saying something though. I really wish I had and I think if that ever happens again I will!

I am very excited though. We received part of automobile insurance premium back yesterday. I guess it's something that State Farm does when business is good. Yeah for us! I hadn't been able to take any video of Ben because we lost the charging cord to our camcorder in our move to the new house. With the money we got back I was able to buy an inexpensive camera so I can record Ben. Here's the camera I ordered today.
It's supposed to arrive on Tuesday and I can't wait to use it! Hopefully I can begin to post some video of Ben really soon.

Ben is doing all kinds of new things now. He's blowing raspberries at us and still making a lot of sounds. He also like to gnaw on anything he can get his mouth on. We've been working on belly time although it's not his favorite thing in the world. We try to do at least a couple of minutes a day. Here's some pictures we took today. He's doing a great job lifting his head and chest. He's even moving his legs now too. When you look at the pictures, notice the chubby thighs! They're so cute!!

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I just wanted to say thank you for all the comments that people have left on our site. I love reading them and knowing that people are enjoying hearing about Ben. Like I've said before, I did this website so our friends and family could view pictures of Ben and know how he is doing. If you know of anyone who would like to see pictures of Ben, please pass the website address along to them. Thanks and all our love to everybody! :)


Joan said...

You did such a wonderful job on your blog.. I do so love my little Ben. He is so adorable. You are such a good mommy.

Doug & Stacy Fournier said...

wow, those ladies would have upset me too!!! i hate people that stick their noses where they don't belong (like the instance i had with the walmart greeter). why do they feel the need to say how you hold your baby! anyway, i love the pics as usual. ben is growing sooo fast! hope we can get together soon :)