Friday, July 20, 2007

Too cute!

My son has picked up the cutest habit although it can be frustrating as well. We rock together when we're getting ready for bed. The minute I put him in his sleeper he wakes up and begins to smile and laugh. It's just too cute! Here are some pictures I've taken of him the last couple of nights.

Ben was 14 weeks old on Wednesday. Here's our weekly pictures! :)

Cool Slideshows!

We went to my cousin's house the other night for a barbecue. We were going to take Ben and her kids to the beach with her mother and sister and my mother and sister but the weather didn't cooperate. So we had hamburgers and hot dogs and just got a chance to catch up. The kids really liked seeing Ben. Latoya is the oldest at 8 years old, Jordan is 5 and her twin girls, Kelsey and Kaylee are two. I can't believe how big they've all become.

Cool Slideshows!

Finally I've been having way too much fun going to Target lately. I heard about a website that had Target coupons for Gerber baby food and Pamper diapers. Here's the site if anyone wants to use them.

The gerber coupon is $1 off 2 gerber products and the baby food ranges from $.52 to $.99. I went with my sister the other day and used 24 coupons. We bought about 50 packages of baby food for about $20! Ben is going to be eating food soon enough and this will help us get started!

I went back today with my mom and sister to use the pampers coupons. Here's my fabulous deal! The coupon is $3 off when you buy diapers and wipes. Target has pampers 2 for $16. You can buy the travel size wipes for $1.69 to qualify for the coupon. So before coupons a pack of diapers and the travel size wipes together are 9.69. You use the $3 target coupon and then I used a manufacturer coupon (you can use both at the same time at Target) for $1.50. So the pack of diapers and wipes ends up costing $5.19. What a deal! :) I bought 7 packs of diapers and wipes and my mom bought 2. I just couldn't pass up that deal when diapers alone usually cost $10.

Oh one more thing. Ben's grammy, my mom, bought him a Bumbo. It's really cool. It's a way for a baby to be able to sit up before they can sit up on their own. Here are some pictures I took of Ben sitting in his new Bumbo! I know he's my son and I'm prejudice but he's too cute!


A- Truckers- Wife said...

I too think he's too cute!! ~~your cousin Linda

Doug & Stacy Fournier said...

hey, great pictures. we really do have to get together again soon! the kids had a blast together. sounds like you got some really great deals on the baby food and diapers. i LOVE the bumbo seat, i really wish they had those when my twins were little. i definitely could have used an extra set of "hands"! anyway, i enjoyed the post, have a great week!

Proud Grandparents said...

Hey Jo

I enjoyed your blog. Your little man is so cute and is getting so big. Please tell him to stop growing! Hope to see you soon!